Inclusive Tourism

Rancho El Añil begins to work together with children and young people with capacities other than the Cajon del Maipo from 2016 to date in programs of hydrotherapy, recreational activities and inclusive trekking for blind people and people with reduced displacement capacity.


Awards received

On the other hand, we are developing with the ERES Foundation and Albergo Ético a job reintegration program for young DOWN Chileans who are trained in Hospitality in Córdova Argentina and then will work in the activities of the hotel sector in Rancho El Añil.

Inclusion is an approach that responds positively to the diversity of people and to individual differences, understanding that diversity is not a problem, but an opportunity for the enrichment of society, through active participation in family life, in education, at work and in general in all social, cultural and community processes.

Inclusion is necessary if we want:

  • A more equitable and more respectful world in the face of differences.
  • Benefit all people regardless of their characteristics, without labeling or excluding.
  • Provide equitable access, making permanent adjustments to allow everyone to participate and valuing each person's contribution to society.

Finally Rancho El Añil has been recognized by FEDETUR and the Municipality of San José de Maipo for the constant inclusive work.