SPA Añil


Relaxation Massage 30 min.$18.000Prior reservation
1 hour Relaxation Massage.$28.000Prior reservation
Decontracting Massage 30 min.$20.000Prior reservation
Decontracting Massage 1 hour.$30.000Prior reservation
Hot Stone Massage or REIKI$30.000Prior reservation
Cranial Facial Massage.$18.000Prior reservation
Sauna 30 min.$10.000Prior reservation
1 hour sauna$18.000Prior reservation
Massage 30 min + Sauna 30 min.$24.000Prior reservation
1 hour massage + Sauna 30 min$32.000Prior reservation
Aromatic Herb Bath.$14.000Prior reservation
Massage 30 min + Sauna 30 min + Herb Bath.$35.000Prior reservation
1 hour massage + 30 min sauna + Herb Bath.$38.000Prior reservation
Herb Tub + Cranial Facial Massage.$22.000Prior reservation

We opened our modern and welcoming SPA for you to enjoy some time off. Here you will find an atmosphere of relaxation and wellbeing that will lead to a sense of inner peace. We have three massage rooms, sauna and a whirlpool aromatherapy.

Definitely give you time to relax you, release your stress and improve your quality of life, it is essential to have good physical, mental and spiritual health. You will feel much better inside as well as outside.

In SPA AÑIL, you will find that space and time for your body.

Enjoy our promotions of reiki, reflexology, body and facial massages, sauna, steam baths and hydrotherapy tub.

Take your reservation from Tuesday to Sunday between 10:00 hrs to 6:00 hrs. Limited places.